Home Safety Inspection Program

 The Connecticut Firefighters Charitable Foundation and the Stratford Fire Department, partnering with the Stratford Fire Marshal Office and Stratford Firefighters; Local 998: I.A.F.F., have embarked on an ambitious Home Safety Inspection Program. This program is being funded with a grant from F.E.M.A.
   We began this program, as a direct result of an increase in the number of fire fatalities and scald related injuries, which have occurred to our residents in 2008-09. 

In 2009, the Connecticut Firefighters Charitable Foundation, embarked on a three phase scald program. Phase one consisted of 18,000 scald prevention cards being mailed to homeowners in our town. Partnering with our fire department with this Home Inspection Survey program allows us to begin phase two of this scald program. 

It is our goal to reduce these incidents.

Why are we conducting this program?

Since 2008, the Town of Stratford has seen a significant increase in the number of fire fatalities due to missing or inoperable smoke detectors, and burn injuries related to high water temperature.

How will we be conducting this program?

Stratford Firefighters after responding to an emergency or non emergency call may ask to conduct this Home Safety Inspection. If you wish to schedule an appointment for us to visit your home to conduct this survey, please call: 
(203) 381-2081